3 Must-Have Features To Buy Winter Gloves

Hand Armor Gloves 20 Nov 2020
Hand Armor Gloves | 3 Must-Have Features To Buy Winter Gloves

If you Google “Winter gloves” or “gloves for snow,” you will get hundreds of results.

As you know, winters are cold, long, and harsh; it’s essential to choose the right winter gloves that can keep your hands warm. In this blog, we aim to help you buy the best winter gloves by considering the following features:


It is not easy to keep hands warm while working in winters unless you’ve got the right gloves. Ensure to invest in suitable work gloves with one of two liners:

  • A water-repellent glove with insulating liner – This liner will help prevent your hands from getting wet while working in slushy or wet conditions.
  • A moisture-wicking glove liner – Wearing gloves all day can make your hands sweaty and uncomfortable. A glove with a moisture absorber will be the perfect option for you.

Some of the best liners for gloves are:

  1. Polypropylene:
  2. Thinsulate™
  3. Thermolite® 


If you work in weather conditions like wind, rain, sleet, and snow, it’s perfect to choose water-repellent gloves. However, there’s a catch. If the lining is waterproof, sweat will get trapped inside the glove. To avoid such a situation, choose a repellent glove with a moisture-wicking liner. It will keep sweat away from your hands. Moreover, the water-repellent gloves are easy to maintain as you can wash them at home.


A glove with too much insulation liner can result in a loss of subtle hand movement. In situations like shoveling snow, trucking, or working at a ski resort — a lack of dexterity isn’t the worst thing. However, it won’t be possible for you to perform your tasks properly by wearing gloves like catcher’s mitt in other industries. This makes it essential for you to choose cold weather work gloves that are perfect for the temperature you most often work.


When it comes to buying winter work gloves, you cannot skimp on cost always. It would be best to buy the gloves that keep your hands warm and what your job entails.

If you’re planning to buy winter gloves in bulk, do let us know in the comment section!