How To Save Your Winter Leather Gloves For Next Year?

Hand Armor Gloves 8 Feb 2021
Hand Armor Gloves | How To Save Your Winter Leather Gloves For Next Year?

It’s a time of the year where we start packing our winter clothes and welcome summer with floral patterns. We thought it would be helpful if we share some tips to store your winter leather gloves properly so that you can re-wear them next winter without any issue.

Tips for storing your leather gloves

We know you care for your leather gloves, so here are some tips to save your winter gloves for next year.

  • Once you’ve cleaned your winter gloves and removed any snow, salt, and dirt that can stain or damage the leather, it’s time to store them so they can stay in pristine shape for next winter. Make sure not to use a sealed bag or plastic bag to store your leather gloves. Store your gloves in a well-ventilated, dry, and dark place. It is because leather gloves need to breathe, and even a slight bit of moisture can lead to mold and mildew. Storing them in a place where sunlight reaches can dry out the leather gloves.
  • Moreover, leather can get stains quickly, so avoid wrapping them in your denim and dark clothes. You can use a dust bag or pillow cover to wrap your gloves properly. All you need to ensure is to place your gloves in a flat position. Proper care and storage of winter leather gloves will allow them to last for years.

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